5 Basic Types of Logo to Help You Decide What Kind Your Business Needs

[INFOGRAPHIC] Logos can be categorized into 5 basic types: Brand Mark, Word Mark, Letter Mark, Combo Mark, & Emblem (with examples)

Daily Ligature | 01-02 | r + a

script, lettering + calligraphy inspiration for hand lettering, illustration + typography projects

24 Modern & Creative Logotype Designs | From up North

24 Modern & Creative Logotype Designs

This is a good example of a logo design. The reason why is because it spells out the word "record", while the letters "e", "c", and "o" are being used to make the microphone symbol for record.

Minimal Logo Designs Collection of Steven Crosby

An interesting logo type that takes an object and turns it into the letters needed to create the implied word. Most definitely succeeding and creating its implied effect.

PULSE | Simple and compact, nothing beats a type inspired logo when it is mixed with solid imagery.

The chosen font along with the depiction of the heart monitor creates a very successful and effective logo type. One would easily see the heart rate as the letter U and put the rest together, A simple ye successful design.

Face by Piotr Gorczyca - behance.net/piotrgorczyca

Combining the name with imagery this logo type creates an image using simple edited text. Creating an interesting yet unique logo type that one might see on perhaps some type of makeup brand.

love how the 'k' and 'n' are working to create a polished, output full of character, but not quite how the 'c' looks (too much like a 'k' - legibility

Typography inspiration

In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design.

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