I chose this: With different kinds of shades with lines and the gap between them gives gives off a person with an idea of what there wearing

splashes-of-red: Alexi K, Cognitive Polygraph (Woman Disrobing), 2013 (Pen Ink) Featured here ~nice contour drawing

Whale tail in sea waves, boho blackwork tattoo. Ocean line art d

This tattoo is a rose with the words RIP Grandma inside. This tattoo took about 45 minutes. The most paint occurred at the bottom of the tattoo. The tattoo

Vasilj Godzh   Mesmerising Line Work inspiration

Vasilj Godzh - Mesmerising Line Work

It’s incredible what Vasilj Godzh can do with the humble Rotring pen, the Russian born Illustrator creates these incredibly beautiful and serene line drawi

Sensual 3D Line Art by Nester Formentera. http://illusion.scene360.com/art/107104/nester-formentera/

Sensual 3D Line Art by Nester Formentera

Half-formed nude bodies and faces appear in the barcode-like pen strokes of Nester Formentera.