20 Things You Learn While Being A Lifeguard

20 Things You Learn While Being A Lifeguard

Next summer I would like to be a lifeguard. I did my lifeguard class and I would love to work outside all summer and get tan.

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As all of the campers got to the age where they could do more than just swim, they wanted to help others swim. Trying out for the role of a lifeguard played an important part in Hidden because it became one of the places she and Darra bonded.

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The abdominal muscles are one of the first things that the judges notice on a contestant during swimwear. According to Fitness Magazine, strengthening your abs will also improve your balance, which will help you to walk and pose with confidence on stage.

A few of the many struggles that lifeguards face

Even if people say otherwise, when it comes down to it, your job is pretty boring.

Lifeguards Not a strong swimmer. Learn to swim and become a Lifeguard!


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How to become a Certified Lifeguard | Guard For Life

Being a lifeguard offers flexibility.To get you prepared for a position as a lifeguard, here's a rundown of what it takes to get a lifeguard certification

CPR Nursing Students find your rhythm!!!

CPR Nursing Students find your rhythm! // This cracks me up. But seriously, I have used "Stayin Alive" while doing compressions.

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