Martial arts festival in China – in pictures

Martial art China Kung Fu Monks of Shaolin - a Buddhist monastery in Henan province, China.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu lessons in Spartanburg SC. Chinese martial arts in Spartanburg SC.

Leading With the Body: Bruce Lee’s God Daughter discusses how Martial Arts taught her leadership in all areas of her life By Diana Lee Inosanto

7 Kung Fu styles which inspired by animals

Wing Chun's Most Famous Principle. Wing Chun's centre line structure deflect the opponent's attack through the centre. Through the economy of moment, the centre line concept relates the ability of moving efficiently and directly against an attacker.

Martial Arts Belts in Order [Infographic]

Martial Arts Belts in Order Infographic. Topic: aikido, capoeira, judo, karate, Brazilian jui jitsu, krav maga, kung fu, taekwondo, wing chun, savate and Japaneze jujutsu, UFC, MMA.

10 Life Lessons To Learn From Kung Fu Panda

In fact the guys over at Trans Tutors have identified 10 life lessons from kung fu panda and created a wonderful infographic depicting them all.