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Figure competition diet plan
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Reverse Dieting

Bikini and Figure: What the Judges Want | PFITblog Do's and Don'ts
for all my friend who keep asking how far i want to take it. Fitness model physique. Not any less or any more.

4 Ways to JUMP START Your Weight-Loss Transformation- Modeled After 34yr old Mom Who Got Her Hot Bikini Body Back!!

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12 week women's physique competition workout

12 Weeks to a Competition Body Training Plan

Superluminal: Weird Tricks To Survive Competition Prep..I need to try this. My schedule has been nuts!
Life of Figure Competition Prep  Its ten o'clock and my stomach is growling. I want to go into the kitchen and make a snack but its not on my meal plan. I thought of this so im going to drink some water and call it a night.
NPC Figure Competitor Katie Wargo, Figure Competition Suits

2017 NPC Figure Division Rules and Scoring Criteria