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How to Stop Whining and Crying

How to Stop the Whining and Crying in Kids

I was starting to feel like a crazy person spending an hour rocking and nursing my baby to sleep. Then the second I laid her down she would wake back up crying. This method really worked for us! She gets herself to sleep now every night with no crying involved! What to do when your baby has to be held, rocked, bounced or nursed to sleep.

what to do when your baby has to be held-rocked bounced or nursed to sleep

Yes! We agree with all of these points. All build a better adult. - Want Happier Kids? Try These 10 Scientifically Proven Tips. #Parenting #Happiness

10 Scientifically Proven Tips for Happier kIds

It's tough to discipline your intense child. How do you shape your kids' behavior without breaking his spirit? Here are several tips.

Discipline and Your Intense Child

Tips to Build Attentiveness in Toddlers and Preschoolers

How to Build Attentiveness in the Formative Years

How to get kids to listen without YELLING! FREE live Webinars. Learn skills you can use that same day!
positive parenting solutions - perfect for making a summer full of family time AWESOME!

Positive Parenting Solutions for a YELL FREE Home

What do you do when your toddler disobeys you on purpose? Here are techniques on how to discipline a toddler who doesn't listen and deliberately disobeys you.

How to Discipline a Toddler Who Deliberately Disobeys

10 Brilliant Ideas To Motivate Your Children To Do Chores:  #4 – Chore Coupons  (These “chore rewards cards” are a great way to get your children to interact with you & perform their responsibilities.  Based off of the "punch card" rewars system, eact time your child completes a chore, or their chores for the day, whichever you choose, you can use a hole-punch to mark the chores as complete.  Wehen the card is full, they receive a reward!)

10 Brilliant Ideas To Motivate Your Children To Do Chores