Uma aparição, aparições são criadas quando algum tipo de alma muito forte tenta escapar do plano espiritual, ela é destruída la e se manifesta nessa forma no mundo, tem um poder muito grande, porem não tem consciência...

Could be a Banshee in the woods. A dark Banshee seeking for other beeings life energy. Shadow type probably.

Symbaroum RPG: "In a towering grove at the southern edge of Karvosti (the ancient meeting place of the barbarian clans) lives Aloéna. The ten feet tall female being, assumed to be related to Davokar’s elves, seems to regard humans as if they were nothing more than a passing flock of birds." (Image: Järnringen)

Court of the Forest King. The Fae Court is hidden in a realm outside that of mortals, but those who bring a sufficient offering may be allowed admittance for a brief time.

Banshee Art Print no disrespect to artist. Great talent. Just a little spooky. To each is own, awesome

Banshee & Kelpie by Jana Heidersdorf: scary because something is seeing you when you don't want to be seen. it's dark.

kgthunder:  Artist: Dave Devries

kgthunder: Artist: Dave Devries - logangaiarpg