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Matt Ferguson's DISTANT LANDS Art Show

Distant Lands it the solo show by pop culture artist Matt Ferguson. It opens at the Bottleneck Gallery in NY. See the Matt Ferguson Bottleneck show

Dwarf runes by J.R.R. Tolkien

Runes and the English letter values assigned to them by Tolkien, used in several of his original illustrations and designs for The Hobbit. << My friend taught me this alphabet a bit. I was fun to write to each other!

The names of the dwarves in The Hobbit, just in case I forget.and by God, that is a LOT of facial hair!

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Middle Earth. I have to admit, Isengard is my favourite because it reminds me of Legolas' remix!

Middle Earth Elven realms are the best looking Though I love a rocking Boromir in Osgiliath Lord of The Rings The Hobbit

Hobbit Illumination: Thorin Oakenshield (finished!) by Soni Alcorn-Hender #TheHobbit #LOTR

"Hobbit Illumination: Thorin, Son of Thrain: Heir to the Vengeance of Dwarves" by BohemianWeasel

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Rewatched this a few days before I went to see the second film. :)

'The Hobbit' Extra-long Poster - LOVED the book as well as the movie - watched it last week. Tolkien just transports me to a happy place.

#wattpad #rastgele The sub-genres of Fantasy

Fantasy Sub-Genre Guide - High/ Epic Fantasy

My teeth are like swords, my claws are like spears, my wings are hurricanes, and my breath: death.

Between Two Worlds - Prologue

"My teeth are swords, my claws are spears, my wings are a hurricane, and my breath: death.

That's what Bilbo Baggins hates...

reapersun: i just really needed to draw some hobbit fanart okay these fucking dwarves man