I need to get this done - Havana Twists (Protective styling)

How To Do Havana Twists - VIDEO Tutorial

You want to know how to do Havana Twists? When you look in any popular black hair magazine that shows the best protective braid hairstyles you'll likely see Havana style twists.

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One day my twists will be long and luscious like this, but for now fake it til you make it with marley, sengalese, kinky, havana twists!

ombré purple long Havana twists

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6 Easy Havana Twists Styles

6 Easy Havana Twists Styles demonstrates how to create updos and half up & down styles using havana twists.


African hair braiding an excellent way to transition from permed to natural hair. You can try box braids, kinky twists, corn rows and more.