The location is very indie because it is not a common used area, a train station, and also the outfits are very stereotypically indie so I may use this for ideas.

fc boys that look like this) Hello I'm Jay (left) and thats my twin James (right) we are trouble some Aly Pix and Hanna our our sisters and we hate when guys hurt them.

Hi! I'm Daniel.I'm 16 and single. I am almost always happy. I am energetic and loyal.I can shift into a  dog. Introduce?


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Cole Sprouse “Support the local upstart cigarette companies and smoke! Your president does it so how bad could it really be?

((Open Rp? Be Her?)) "Please just take the picture" I grumble. "Awe don't be so sour" she laughs, snapping the photos. "Its a class field trip we don't need pictures of everything" I roll my eyes, walking back to her. "But you look so handsome" she coos, pinching my cheek as I glare harder |give credit|

does anyone else this weird, v small obsession with mens fashion? like i know how to dress myself and other girls beautifully, but guys with a good sense of v aesthetic style just GET me.

all black outfit boy tumblr grunge aesthetic - Buscar con Google

James:: "hey i'm james, I am 17 single and straight. You'll usually find me at a park if you wanna talk.