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25+ Creative Graduation Cap Ideas For the Crafty Grad

Creative graduation cap ideas — we present and explore a collection of crafty graduates' comical, clever, and artistic hat designs.

graduation cap 2017: she believed she could so she did. Grad caps 2017

graduation cap she believed she could so she did. Grad caps 2018 - with red and yellow flowers, perfect for my graduation!

I’ll be honest with you guys: I had no idea that decorated graduation caps were such a big thing. I know, don’t I sound like your typical mom trying to be cool by pointing out Internet trends you’ve known about for months? Cute! Anyway, back in my day (cue crickety old man voice), we all just wore our grad caps as they were. Sure, some super creative people added a cool extra tassel or their initials or something, but no one was full on painting their caps.

25 Of The Prettiest DIY Graduation Caps You'll Ever See

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20 Best Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

20 Best Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Graduation day: The day you have envisioned for years now – a day that is yours to celebrate. You have worked hardfor three years andare finally

Show off your wonderful sense of humor with your grad cap design. The big day is serious but your grad cap doesn’t have to be. You can use your graduation cap to remind you and your friends to have some fun.

The Best Graduation Cap Ideas for 2018 Grads

These graduation cap ideas will help you create a DIY design that shows off your unique accomplishments and assures you'll graduate in style