Gilmore Girls phone case. So many favorites from Gilmore Girls! A stack of classic novels, Hep Aliens sandwich tour van, Rory’s 21st birthday cocktail, and what’s a danish without a cup of coffee from Luke’s Diner? So many memories from our favorite town of Stars Hollow

Gilmore Girls phone case: stack of classic novels, Hep Aliens sandwich tour van, Rory’s birthday cocktail, a danish, a cup of coffee from Luke’s Diner

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love this! <3 oh Luke! =]

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this is me backstage while Aly is dancing......... and her face back at me lol

10 Ways Gilmore Girls Prepared Me for College

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a year in the life by Celia Kaspar

This show is so light-hearted but also dramatic at times, I literally started watching because Jared Padelecki was in it. now I hate his character haha

@soniecat @hannbann333 HAVE HAVE HAVE to have for the garden!!!!!!!!!!

Hand crafted and hand painted. Designed to look as it was taken right from the world of Gilmore Girls. Slightly weatherd look brings caricature to the creation. Made to o(Beauty Kitchens Products)