[ FC:: THE CUTEST THING IN EXISTENCE ] "'Ello there, friend. My name is Levi. I'm a musician from London, England."

Gerard Way’s Astrological Profile

Hey I am Gerard way and I am single and Bisexaul I am a teacher and I sing for a band called My Chemical Romance I'm an artist and I can be sassy but I am really nice and I don't like volience anyway come say hi!

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way <<<<is his hair blue? It looks like it and I've seen this pic many times but don't remember him ever dying it blue

am i the only one thats freaking out because its blonde haired gerard like thats for filling a prophecy right there

Gerard Way I love you! Not in a creepy "cougar" way but in a "thank you for putting my feelings & emotions into your songs" way!<<<<<i love you in the gerard way lol

How am I just now finding these?!? These are beautiful :')

Gerard Way. I don't like it when people smoke, but boy, Gerard makes smoking look HOT; Bitch, gerard way makes everything look hot.

Gerard Way definitely has a Sinter-ish look going on, and of course can do a thousand and one great things with eye makeup

Killjoys make some noise for the hotness that is Gerard Way. Love you forever MCR!

gerards twitter is one of the few things i live for

Gerard Way Twitter Comp