This is real, this is me, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be...

my gf tells me this is about me but im definitely responsible so idk what she's on about

yoυ don'т ĸnow wнo тo love υnтil yoυ're loѕт aesthetic ~rainbow~

(Holding hands is underestimated) and rainbow colors like this can energize a relationship. If you like these colors, think about getting a rainbow sundial for your sunny window sill.then you can have colors like this in your home every sunny day!

I realize that it's supposed to be aesthetic-y but oh well

Yuri should have called the song "I'm super gay for you"

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Let your gay show for all to see [I feel kinda awkward being here. Coz I'm straight. And yous. But I'd love to come to support a friend next time?