Laurits Andersen Ring (1854 - 1933)  I Høst, 1885, Olie på lærred  Landarbejderen er L.A. Rings bror, Ole Peter Andersen, og det er ved hans gård i Tehusene ved Fakse på Sydsjælland, at billedet er malet.  Harvest, 1885, Oil on canvas  The labourer is the brother of L.A. Ring, Ole Peter Andersen, and the picture was painted at his farm in Tehusene at Fakse on South Zealand.


the-paintrist: “ classic-art: “ Laurits Andersen Ring - Harvest - 1885 oil on canvas, × cm × in) Statens Museum for Kunst (Den Kongelige Malerisamling), Copenhagen,.

Springtime in Hals, Jutland | L. A. Ring | 1892 | Statens Museum for Kunst | CC0

Laurits Andersen Ring - Springtime in Hals, Jutland 1892


Josef Jelínek (Czech, Chisel, N/D Oil on canvas, 97 x 87 cm

Børge Østervang  (@bostervang) | Twitter

A Child Visiting his Grandparents on a Sunday 1898 ~ Laurits Anderson Ring ~ (Danish

"Man with a Scythe" by Eastman Johnson (1868)

John Eastman (American Painter, fl Man with a Scythe. Scythe's were originally invented to harvest the tall Hemp stalks.

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Irishman honing a scythe.

Sharpening the Scythe by George Gourley

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Laurits Andersen Ring, Village street in Baldersbrønde, 1905

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Thomas Kinkade The Good Life

Thomas Kinkade The Good Life

The Good Life - In The Good Life, third and final piece in my Beginning of a Perfect Evening collection, I have in effect set up my easel in that imagined space where

Laurits Andersen Ring (1854-1933): Sædemanden, 1910

Ring (Danish, - The Sower 1910 Oil on canvas, 1865 x 1555 mm © National Gallery of Denmark

Laurits Andersen Ring (1854-1933): How are You, old friend. Interior with a man smoking a pipe while visiting an old sick friend, 1893

1893 How are You, Old friend. Interior with a Man Smoking a Pipe While Visiting an Old Sick Friend ~ Laurits Tuxen ~ (Danish, 1853