Década de 20. Melhor década.

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You can't repeat the past. - Imgur

You can't repeat the past.

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (1900-1948), born in Montgomery, Alabama, was an American novelist and the wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. She was an icon of the 1920s—dubbed by her husband "the first American Flapper." After the success of his first novel, This Side of Paradise (1920), the Fitzgerald's became celebrities.

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, born in Montgomery, AL.an American novelist and wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, an icon of the - dubbed by her husband "the first American Flapper.

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Confidence is sexy. Beauty is power. All women are beautiful in different ways, when we embrace that beauty, is when we shine.

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Roaring Twenties

Flapper reading newspaper, with cigarette and showing some leg. One of a collection of erotic indoor studies (probably French). In the

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Period - Haha 'if you must rebel and look like a man, do it right' Flapper 1920s hairstyles / bobs

1920s Hairstyles History- Long Hair to Bobbed Hair

sydneyflapper: whataboutbobbed: From “The Battle for Bobbed Hair” Photoplay Magazine, June 1924 barber, please give me all of the bobs I see the bob-of-many names (which happens to be my bob) is here the “boyish” bob.

This is an image of "flappers" doing the Charleston in 1924. This was a popular dance during this point in time. Pop culture- the Charleston became a common dance among young men and women in the 1920s. People were having a good time going to clubs and drinking alcohol, shopping and living the “high life”. Also, the 1920s was known as the “jazz age” gramophones often played jazz music that was what people did the Charleston dance to.

The Charleston dance became extremely popular in the especially with Flappers. The flappers had a beautiful style that was easier portrayed in posters, as their long dresses created movement to represent the Charleston.

1920s / Dalena Vintage

Saucy Snapshots from Yesteryear Vol. 2

You just know that when she comes out from under there, her hair will be perfectly waved. Maybe a teensy smudge of grease on one cheek. That's why this is still a glamour shot for me. Flapper under a car,

Fashion with a little naughty tossed in.

1920's Women's Fashion Show Illustrations

Clara Bow, the quintessential "it girl" of fashion. Clara sits in front of the mirror in a flirty pose reading a book, which demonstrates how much freedom women have gained during this time period in dress and in scholarly realms.

Pajamas, flapper style

Pajamas and lounge wear are a great way to experiment with lace and silk fabrics. Morning Tea, Late Vintage Pajamas Photo Shoot by James Abbe