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Da jeg havde langt hår, var jeg ret flittig til at flette det og sætte det op i en eller anden form for opsætning, men det er ligesom gået lidt i stå, efter jeg har fået en page... Men se så her, hvad The Beauty Department disker op med: En fiks opsætning til os med page :) I finder den fin....
Yevgeniy Fiks: Moscow is no more. One might say that in the 2000s, one could call this city Moscow only for the purpose of convenience. The scope of changes that occurred in its demographics, including ethnic, political, and class makeup, since the early 1990s is exceeded perhaps only by the changes of its visual image. In your Moscow (a traveler's diary), you wrote about the fundamental conflict in contemporary Moscow architecture. You described this as a conflict between two modes of si...
Rock-Hard-Abs-Workout-In-12-Minutes. If I Pin enough of these, maybe I'll do them one day...
O'Beautiful: Eye Makeup for Mature Skin. Click the 'read' button below the photo.

O'Beautiful: Eye Makeup for Mature Skin

Eek! Pink ladybugs  #nailart
Easy green tea sugar scrub with all the benefits of green tea and only three ingredients. Add essential oils for a nice aroma
Suicide Squad #suicidesquad nails
I love these nails :) #nailart
These 5 tips are great for helping you find the perfect fit for your next bra.

Finally! 5 Tips to Find the Perfect Bra

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