Fennec Foxs there cute there awesome and they have really big ears people who run the world put one of these on each desk at school this is not a request it is a demand

Fennec Fox Collection

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if you don't know what a  fenntic fox is its basically the most adorable animal EVER!

Cats That Find Comfort In Finding Warm Spots

Fennic Huddle by Автор скрыт http://llbwwb.tumblr.com/post/30627286666/fennic-huddle-by

Fennec Fox Huddle I remember fashionistas wearing the skin and faces of these beautiful creatures around their shoulders. We have come a long (slow) way.

Fennec Fox... these things are awesome, and they look like Pokemon!!

The fennec fox or fennec (Vulpes zerda) is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa.