WaterDog - Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking fountain

WaterDog - Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

Sonar-Sensing Automatic Pet Fountain - The WaterDog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain lets your dog help itself to fresh water I really need to find one of these. Fisher prefers cold water from a tap

7 Trendy Pet Fountains Keep Cats And Dogs From Dehydration    ---  from InventorSpot.com --- for the coolest new products and wackiest inventions.

9 Best Indoor And Outdoor Pet Fountains For Your Dogs and Cats

The Doggie Fountain is basically a drinking fountain for dogs where your best friend can take a sip of fresh water whenever he wants to.

I would like something like this in my backyard for my water-loving dog. Small and shallow and secluded and relaxing. To dip my toes in, too.

How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

Dog-friendly gardens: Access to water - Backyard Ideas for Dogs - Sunset These lucky Welsh springer spaniels wade into a cool, safe pond in Battle Ground, WA.

Directions for making a fountain out of a large flower pot (via Better Homes & Gardens)

Fountain in a Pot

DIY Fountain out of a Regular Pot Step by step instructions for making a fountain out of a regular pot. - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

7 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Doggie Paradise | Patio Furniture Articles

7 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Doggie Paradise

Good overall architecture includes pet-friendly elements like this pet fountain - eclectic - landscape - los angeles - California Waterscapes

Automatic dog waterer for those hot days, they easily mount to the outside wall of the house or kennel pole and come with a garden hose adapter.

The Nelson 1200 Series Kennel Waterer features heavy duty stainless steel construction and a foolproof float system. This waterer can be mounted to a wall or a kennel pole using the included hardware.

DIY water feature, fountain for the dogs

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HomeCrunch: Dog-Friendly Home Building Making an On-Demand Dog Water Fountain