"Death Note" (My rating: 6) High schooler becomes serial killer who kills criminals and then goes insane. And there's a Shinigami who likes apples for some reason. (Maturity Rating: 17+)

Death Note Poster Japanese Manga TV Show Animation Print Wall Art Large Maxi

DEATHNOTE chibi by ElyonBlackStar on DeviantArt. OH MY LOWD LOOK AT RYKU

DEATHNOTE chibi by ElyonBlackStar on DeviantArt - omg Ryuk and the giant apple is adorable!


L: The greatest detective at work (Death Note) Yes I am annoyed. Give me some cake!

Just Death Note. Oh L, you're so funny

I love it when people make Death Note funny.'cause that show is so not funny - creepy, yes; funny, no. I LOVED THIS PUN