Diaper & Other item storage . I wont be having that many kids but i would love to do it for my husband and i and our baby once we have one.

Diaper & Other item storage I think I am going to use this idea in 2 places, one place is downstairs on bathroom door for extra baby stuff, one upstairs for the big girls school clothing!

Alright folks. I finally decided I was ready to take pictures of my room today. Of course there are a million more things to be done but yo...

Having named water bottles would save kids from having to go into the hall to use a fountain, and would help keep them hydrated when it's hot

$3.99 spice racks help create a reading corner in your child's room!

cute little book nook reading center for kid's bedroom or playroom - just frame favorite book covers, hang letters to spell out read, and add low shelves for kids to reach books. would like to use the ikea spice racks that are super cheap for shelving.

Sight words

Build a Sight Word (plus recording sheet)

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