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This is a rebound of my personal "what if" expense tracker. These are total monthly expenses with sliding months tabs at the top,

The project dashboard design for CodeRange on IOS. A mobile app for users of Due in the app store any day now! More stuff at -

Project Dashboard

uikit dashboard Thunder UI Kit                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Great examples of clear, simple, but thoughtful mobile design. Colors, graphics, and illustrations are not overwhelming and very pleasant to view.

<p>Download this awesome Clean Dashboard Mobile UI Template PSD Freebie. Feel free to use this for you personal and professional projects. hope you like it. Enjoy!</p>

As for 1 Jan 2015 I started my 100 days design challange to improve my visual UI skills, basically work on concepts to improve my color, spacing, typography. overall visual UI skills, .