dark angel; dark Phoenix mirroring light Phoenix.

wing tattoos Wing Seals wing tattoos Red wing wing tattoos Wings for scuda finished wing tattoos Dark Souled Fey wing tattoo wing tattoos Th.


(open rp i'm the blood angel you can pick your own character :) ) "Why red. Why did i have to have red wings. I wanted to be an angel but not a BLOOD ANGEL!

Split personality.

Pulled into two Good & Evil The dark twist and sweet light of my soul Art work: Good and Evil - Alchemy Gothic art:

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Poem: The Tears of Fallen Angels

Angels and fairies signify purity and love. There are also tattoos that depict a broken or fallen angel with a sad posture and withered wings. Some designs are of guardian angel ready to strike with her power.

and she wears the pain - black tears rolling down from the eyes of an angel in a sinner's town.

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"Why Would God Do Bad Things?" God Doesn't, You Fools! Wright yes, but god created Lucifer.

Female Dark Angel | not afraid to take a stand everybody come take my hand we ll walk ...

I’m not afraid

We all need an angel sometimes ! Here put all the pictures and stories of angels that you find beautiful :)