that proves that abby does not give maddie the top because shes her fave << this show is so scripted and people don't even realize it

Dance Moms Facts!!!

This is actually true, she said it on her channel. But just saying you guys can't always believe those facts about these girls

That is SOOOOO funny!!!!!!! Abby would probably find a way to blame Brooke if Maddie missed a turn…

Maddie Ziegler Photostream

Television personalities Maddie Ziegler (L) and Mackenzie Ziegler attend the 'Dance Moms' meet and greet benefiting Starlight Children's Foundation at Stoopher & Boots on September 2012 in New York City.

That is such an amazing thing to say I love u Maddie and u too Chloe!!!!

Go maddie Chloe deserves a chane to shine and prove Abby wrong that she was wrong

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It makes since, the producers probably wanted to make a stereotype of having a popular "first on the pyramid" blonde.