"One Word"


If someone asked me to describe you in one word, I would be like, "What?" Because I'm not that quick on my feet, and the first thing that would come to mind would be more than one word and then I'd lose. You deserve better than that.

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I honestly believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. For instance, if you decided to sell pine cones, I bet you would sell, just, an absurd amount of pine cones.

daily odd compliment...My husband does this to me all the time!

Daily Odd Compliment - these make me smile!

Daily Odd Compliment.

Daily Odd Compliment: So you think you look ugly today. You don't look ugly to a blind person. And I have spectacular vision.

The Daily Odd Compliment - CafeMom | This site has awesome Odd Compliments!

The Daily Odd Compliment - This site has awesome Odd Compliments! ❤️ not enough nickels!

Especially if the pancakes are actually cooked in the middle.

"Pancake Dogs" (Daily Odd Compliment)

If that one creepy person gets you blondie I will save you eventually lol

"Stellar Ninja" (Daily Odd Compliment)

The Daily Odd Compliment - CafeMom

Daily Odd Compliment: You're so hot, you could melt the homes of polar bears. And even if you did, the polar bears would understand. The polar bears would be upset.