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I Tell Surreal Stories Through My Photography

Freelance photographer Jared Tyler is another promising teen–like Alex Stoddard, Brian Oldham, and Nicholas Scarpinato–with a creative outlook

19-Year-Old's Dramatically Artistic Self-Portraits

Masters of Portrait: Leading photographers pick their favourite portrait shots of 2016 | Creative Boom

Shot with the new 100 mpixel camera for PhaseOne - Hair Stylist: Morten Kongsbak - Makeup: Vivi Søderholm De Bruin / AgenturCPH - Styling: Ma.

moment, crack-the crack of light shining on to the girls making her easer to see.

These easy digital photography recommendations may improve your pictures as well as save you time in the course of photograph editing and enhancing. Otherwise, allow's jump into this compilation of amazing digital photography tutorials.

Lace shadows by Helena Resina

The harsh light has created very sharp shadow edges from the hat which creates interesting patterns on the models face. I really like the harsh light creating the harsh shadows on her face.

awesome Our Love Be So – Erstwhile Blog by

Our Love Be So – Erstwhile Blog

Our Love Be So S/S 2015 Erstwhile Campaign - Milk Bath - Engagement Rings - Flower Fashion Photoshoot - Ophelia in a flower bath