It's kinda've weird how good looking this dog looks

The Best Things About Owning A Labrador Retriever

Forrrrrrr sure!! My Hershey, Junior, Rolo and Nestle will always be my family!!! #loyalty #bestbuds

Dogs are family, I really want to tell people who say this, "it's just a kid,"when they think only children matter and animals don't. Furry family members are still family.

At ProLabs, We Believe Our Furry Friends are Family. Promoting Pet Health is a Big Part of All the Products We Offer at #prolabspets

a lab is a friend for life! Lab are the most loyal dogs ever!unfortunately I had to put my chocolate lab down last week!chocolate labs are fantastic dogs and I don't know what I would have done without mine I love him soo much and miss him sooo much

Chocolate Lab | DIY Flower Crown for Dogs | Dogs at Weddings

Two Labs Model a Flower Crown

<<LING SAYS: I love this photo, and this on a relaxed calm dog LOL. I'm not sure dogs are allowed at the wedding venue, but I love this flower crown and the colors.>> Spring boho inspired wedding featuring the couples sweet chocolate lab.

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