Cithaerias Aurorina / Pink Glasswing Butterfly.  Fine Art  Print by Allison Trentelman |

Butterfly Photo No. 1 - Cithaerias Aurorina - Pink Glasswing Butterfly Print

Fine art butterfly photography print of a pink glasswing butterfly, Cithaerias aurorina, by Allison Trentelman.

Butterfly print | ordo naturalis | Pinterest

Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you'll be, can't go far but you can always dream. Wish you may and wish you might, don't you worry, hold on tight. I promise you there will come a day. Butterfly fly away.

Watercolor Butterfly,Fine Art Giclee Print, 8x10,painting, butterfly decor, blue butterfly, butterfly print, home decor

Grow Creative: Watercolor Butterflies tattoo Smith And if I were to place it behind my ear or neck, I'd die of happiness

Alice and Lois20 Favorite Wall Art Free Printables - Alice and Lois

20 Favorite Wall Art Free Printables

the IMPRINT project / by Nina Warmerdam

Part of the IMPRINT project by NINA WARMERDAM."For the IMPRINT project I create a new pattern every 48 hours. It is a way for me to do what I love and at the same time push myself to keep discovering new techniques and stay innovative.

In 1926, master of French Art Deco design, Emile-Alain Seguy painted this beautiful pattern of butterflies and roses.

Butterflies and Roses textile design by EA Seguy, Master of French Art Deco design

Tartine beurrée*                                                       …

Tartine beurrée*

Forums / Images & Graphics / Butterflies - Swirlydoos Monthly Scrapbook Kit Club ideal for butterfly shapes for tatto'd thigh

Cavallini Butterfly Poster. You can buy it from Urban Outfitters for $24 and get totally ripped off or from Urban Indigo for $4 like I did. Literally one of my favorite things ever.

28x21 Butterfly Specimen Poster

This lovely print features a collection of butterflies marked with scientific names. A wonderful vintage design to use as gift wrap or frame as art. Printed on Italian acid free paper. From Cavallini