体育/Sports 足球/Soccer Burnley F.C. Leroy Sané Manchester City F.C. Sergio Agüero 伯恩利 曼城 梅开二度 萨内 足总杯 阿圭罗 2017/18赛事英格兰足总杯第三轮焦点战由 曼城Man. City对战 伯恩利Burnley F.C.最终曼城以4-1大胜伯恩利取得胜利 曼城和伯恩利近15次的交手记录取得9胜6平占据优势 赛事一开始曼城就展开了积极的攻击逼得伯恩利收缩防守曼城球员席尔瓦和斯特林在禁区内射门但遭封堵随后萨内接获达尼洛的传球后射门但偏出第19分钟伯恩利险些被破门在角球混乱中本-米头球回摆奥塔门迪踢空解围将球滑门而过随后萨内在中右路射门但高出 第25分钟斯通斯解围出现失误伯恩利球员巴恩斯突入禁区射门破网为伯恩利取得领先随后京多安接获达尼洛的传球后转身射门但被挡出曼城继续展开了积极的进攻遗憾的奥塔门迪的射门被挡出而费尔南迪尼奥在禁区内的射门也偏高…

The club badge! Source of inspiration when far away from home - especially with the team winning like crazy!

Burnley Football Club - Gifts and Memorabilia For All Burnley Fans

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Voetbalreis Everton FC - Leicester City Voetbalreis voor Everton FC in Engeland - Premier League EUR 379.00 Meer informatie #vakantie - -

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Jordan Henderson tampil sungguh brilian saat Liverpool kalahkan Burnley 2-0 dalam lanjutan Liga Inggris. Atas penampilan itu, Brendan Rodgers memberinya pujian.

Turf Moor in Art, home of Burnley F.C. Great gifts @

Essential Tips For Playing Your Best Game Of Footy. Photo by joncandy Footy is the most popular sport in the world and perhaps one of the most complex as well.

‪‪Manchester City F.‬, ‪Josep Guardiola‬, ‪Burnley F.‬, ‪Premier League‬‬ - Star Striker Aguero Set for Return Against Burnley: Guardiola Manchester City.