The beautiful Coluber constrictor, aka, Black Racer.

When I lived in Central FL, we had a black snake named Charley who was the neighborhood mascot - straight up! Charley was a curious creature and liked to visit people in the neighborhood!

Black Mamba- really Grey with Black inner mouth. Don't mess around or it will end you quickly!

If you want to know an extremely venomous snake in the world, you have to look at Facts about Black Mambas. Have you ever seen black mamba before?

Love the Black Mamba, deadliest snake in Africa

two of my fav things: jet black and snakes. yes, when I think of my favorite things it is darkness and snakes.

The 'Black Mamba' - Kobe Bryant

DIY Diamond Embroidery basketball Kobe Bryant Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Mosaic Pattern Full round Rhinestone Home Decor

Esta imagen me encanta...parece que ella está sometiendo a la serpiente y no a la inversa.

Medusa ~~ taken by Poseidon in Atenea's temple and condemned by her to become into a lethal creature. The Gorgons in general, as Vernant proposed, manifested a symbol of the death.

Kobe Bryant: Black Mamba Poster (Basketball Drawings)

LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba in illustrated poster form by Buddy Montana from San Francisco, CA.