Always going barefoot...I think she owned a pair of shoes somewhere....

"mama always said barefoot and pregnant wasnt my style" she was destined to do something good with her life adn she did she found turtle and saved her from the abuse she delt with in her home before

"Earthing" is something we all need to do more often to "ground" us all !!! <<<Agreed. Yet another reason why I rarely wear shoes. Used to get in trouble quite a bit for frequently taking them off(especially at work). XD

Before it was "earthing", it was just walking barefoot outside. And it wasn't even a health thing, it was just a being human thing. It's also my favorite health practice and human being practice.

I'm sure I shall always feel like a child in the wood. ~L.M. Montgomery

I'll wander barefoot- because I want to be exposed, to every texture, every temperature, every feeling. I want to be connected to nature- & that will connect me to my soul.D - Alice Diary/Journal entry

I always like to climb trees. But I want to find a huge tree and climb it, and look at my surroundings when I'm at the top!

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How to design a garden that doesn't hurt your bare feet.

The Extraordinary Health Benefits Of Barefoot Gardening

Jaime- Cette photo est une photo des pieds salle qui marche. Cette photo représente Jean Valjean parce que quand il a sortir de prison il a marcher un très longue distance pour trouver un place a rester pour dormir. Tous les auberges voulait pas que Jean reste dans leur l'auberge parce qu'il pense que Jean va voler des choses. Alors, Jean marche encore. Jusqu'à l'évêque qui a donner Jean Valjean un place à dormir et manger. "Un quart heure plus tard, il sort et se dirige vers l'auberge"…

Dont be afraid to get your feet dirty while walking the path to your future. It will be full of wonderful adventures that you won't experience fully unless you walk thru some mud.

Mama loved being barefoot as a child and kicked her shoes off all her life. Remember to keep yourself grounded when your world runs amuck.

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There's nothing nicer than the feeling of soft grass on bare feet. Make an intentional effort to regularly connect with the earth by walking barefoot.