I want to talk to you today about bar cart styling but first a bit of psychology. You know those silly online tests you can take to determine whether you are more 'right-brained' or 'left-brained'? I always come out nearly equal - 50% left brain, 50% right brain. Not that I give those kinds of tests…

My Formula For Styling a Bar Cart

The essential elements for creating the perfect bar cart style - it really just comes down to 8 things! Check out the post here for the easiest way to style your bar cart or drinks trolley!

Ellen Pompeo Celebrity Trailer Makeover Drink Cart

Ellen Pompeo's Camper Makeover

The bar cart in Ellen Pompeo’s trailer on the set of Grey’s Anatomy is a rose and green vision. Not only is it the perfect spot to store bottles and glassware for a post-work cocktail,.

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12 Best Bar Cart Ideas - How To Make Diy Custom Bar Cart

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Unexpected Fall Decorating Ideas

bar cart essentials

Instead of flowers, try mint, basil, a bowl of meyer lemons or kaffir limes. More practical but just as cute.