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Harvest Green: Vertical Farm by Romses Architects wins Competition

Romses Architects’ Harvest Green Project, a winning entry in Vancouver’s "The 2030 Challenge," explores urban vertical farming in mixed-use buildings.

Oh my Guy (Debord)!! amazing architectural diagrams by Frank Dresmé of 21IBS

Urban Transects Revisited #2

[Image: From Project by Frank Dresmé]. Here’s an old project by Dutch graphic designer Frank Dresmé. Called Project it used the idea of the “transect” as a way to map a…

Exploded Axonometric

FRAC Dunkerque / Lacaton & Vassal

Built by Lacaton & Vassal in Dunkirk, France with date Images by Philippe Ruault. The FRAC houses regionally assembled public collections of contemporary art.

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C.F. Møller completes low-energy research building covered in beautiful prefab screens


Gloriumptious Cheyenne Vandevoorde Project Gloriumptious aims to refocus what the dynamics of academic student life can be in the modern age. Gloriumptious is an active dormitory that not only accommodates the student body,…