Université Toulouse 1 Capitole School of Economics, Toulouse, France World Without Limits The breach in the historic city wall is seen as an opportunity, to see boundaries not as limits, but as ‘thresholds’ to be crossed and held. Posi...

Image 34 of 40 from gallery of Venice Biennale Architecture as New Geography / Grafton Architects, Silver Lion Award. Card model of the new building for the Ecole d'économie de Toulouse - TSE, Toulouse France / Grafton Architects © Alice Clancy

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An architectural model is a type of a scale model , tangible (also called sometimes physical) representation of a structure built to study aspects of an architectural design or to.

ANIMA Cultural Center, Grottammare  / Bernard Tschumi Architects, 2012-2015

Practice Bernard Tschumi Architects shapes the ANIMA Cultural Center located in Grottammare, Italy. The plan simply forms an ideal square meters) with the Main Room located in the centre.

Architectural Model Interior | Grupo Aranea | Southern Spain

A series of cantilevers allow slices of light and air in along the edges, while folding wall-to-floor planes flip up for larger expanses and tuck back in to create nooks LIGHTS