Antique Christmas Ornaments

Collection of Antique Figural Glass Christmas Ornaments - Many of these were created by Inge-Glas of Germany, the oldest Christmas ornament company in the world.

Santa's North Pole Mailbox for Letters | Antique Christmas Mail Post -

Santa's North Pole Mailbox

Santa's Clauses mailbox is full of wishlist letters from all good little girls and boys. Johnny has been good this year ,he doesn't want to get coal in his stocking. Sally wants a new doll, and her li

Atta Girl Says | How to Use Vintage Decor At Christmas |

How to Use Vintage Decor at Christmas

You dont have to buy all new decorations to have a beautifully decorated home at Christmas. Scour yard sales, barn sales and antique stores year round to find vintage decor to use at Christmas.

antique Christmas postcard

Chistmas Lumbar Cushion - Vintage

Chistmas Lumbar Cushion - Vintage A delightful vintage illustration of two birds sitting on a tree branch in the snow. A lovely addition to.