Tris is not Messing Around in this Latest Allegiant Poster

This new Allegiant poster, courtesy of MTV, shows Tris and her team ready to kick butt and take names. The world as they knew it is crumbling, and it’s up to Tris to be brave, make the right choices…

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Divergent Confessions omg yes I cried at Tobias reaction to when tris died.>>>I cried for that too but I was still BAWLING when tris died

tris is the only main character death that i have cried over and i have read TFIOS THG Percy jackson and the olympians EVERYTHING

I didn't cry when tris died, I cried when tobias finally accepted it and realized there was nothing he could do about it.

I'm crying can someone do me a favor tell whoever made this to shutup and stop rubbing it in???? This this salt on the wound here!!!!!

I'm crying can someone do me a favor tell whoever made this to shutup and stop rubbing it in? This this salt on the wound here!<<<<Why do this to us?

" I suppose a fire that bright is not meant to last." ~ Four. I keep reading chapter 50. For some odd reason I have hope that she will come back alive.

"The fire blazes, sparks rioting above the earth, rising into the night. In the reflected blaze, the masks of the players packed in a cart glimmer behind us, false faces shifting in the light." -- from the novel Sinful Folk - AWESOME

I'm going insane right now. I'm crying my eyes out. Veronica Roth has destroyed the hearts of all Divergent fandom members.

****************************************************************SPOILERS********************* ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ but she is not done yet I will not let her be done! She still needs to marry Tobias!

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You like endings huh? Allegiant. Yeah, think again. Or the faults in our stars?

I love pitch perfect and the divergent series so lol. You will only get it if you've seen pitch perfect and read allegiant