1990s Alicia Silverstone

Which Classic High School Queen Bee Are You?

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Alicia Silverstone. My first idol.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Clueless. Mel: "If anything happens to my daughter, I have forty-five and a shovel. I doubt anyone would miss you."

Which 90's Cult Classic Film Would You Have Starred In?

Cher Horowitz's 14 Most Underappreciated Outfits

Cher Horowitz's 14 Most Underappreciated Outfits

Alicia Silverstone : satin was everywhere. Lots of plastic-looking clothes were the feminine side of grunge and another homage to the sixties.

Clueless! | 27 "Clueless" Promo Images You've Never Seen Before

She didn't skin anything to make that boa; it's faux.