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Aaron Tveit, making all other men less and less attractive since 1983
Aaron Tveit | I love this one!!
Afternoon eye candy: Aaron Tveit (23 photos)

Afternoon eye candy: Aaron Tveit (23 photos)

ughhhhhhhhh Aaron Tveit....
❤️It should be illegal to be this good looking
Aaron Tveit- Les Miserables (not gonna lie he was pretty hot) he should have played Marius ...


Absolutely handsome. ❤️
Hey. I'm Aaron Barks. I'm 19 and single. I'm an actor and a singer. My sister, Sam, means the world to me so don't any of you dare hurt her.

14 Songs Sung By Aaron Tveit That Will Make You Melt On The Spot

Aaron Tveit in NYC, these are a few of my favorite things

Afternoon eye candy: Aaron Tveit (22 photos)

My beautiful theatre man, Aaron Tveit-- all girls who love theatre love Aaron. That's just it. He's beautiful and talented and come on, he plays all of the heartthrobs in all of the shows. He's a hell of a triple threat, a hell of a guy. I would be honored to see him on stage.
Aaron Tveit :)