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SO TRUE<<ITS THE SAME WITH SKIN COLOR. I have darker skin than Tiny Tina (my most favorite character from Borderlands but I still wanna cosplay her without feeling horrible that I don't fit the skin color.<<do it fuck the patriarchy

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Fake Geek Girl is sooooo fake you guys! Nobody should be allowed to like things for their aesthetic value, fucking poserzzz! Another look at the Fake Geek Girl thing. Cuz some of us geeks actually.

I Like My Coffee How I Like My Men, I Also Like Tea Pullover | Look HUMAN

Coffee, tea, men, women, you can be attracted to either! This bisexual design…

"I am not a whore. I am not confused. I am not 'going through a phase.' I am not invisible. I am not unfaithful. I am not alone. I'm bisexual. And that's really all there is to it."    [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of bisexuality and sexual identity politics]

Just because I am dating a member of the opposite sex does not change the fact that I am bisexual- deal with it. Biggest pet peeve is when someone tries to tell me I'm just confused/going through a phase