Monday Moodboards

I did this but the celotwo economy lost its stick and they just fell off. Maybe I should use stronger tape :/


Parallel Worlds

Fashion Moodboard - fashion design research & development; "Parallel Worlds" collection colourboard // Mirjam Maeots


Remodeling 101: Shou Sugi Ban Charred Wood

Wall mood boards have become more popular in interior design recently. A mood board, very simply, is a collection and collage of images, te.

In the making. Mood Board Workshop- Eclectic Trends #MoodboardingForProfessionals

EN // Workshop moodboard or how to compose and assemble images and objects of inspirations around a theme. FR // Atelier moodboard ou comment composer et assembler des images et des objets d'inspirations autour d'un thème.

Tof #inspiration #magazine

on my desk

i want random assorted stuff on the wall! some quotes some inspiring somethings © Méchant Design