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ROUGH Wood Strips Pendant Beam

Eking It Out: table legs furniture by Rupert Herring – upcycleDZINE

Eking It Out: table legs furniture by Rupert Herring

"Why we are always striving for something new and not re-using what we already have?" That's the question Rupert Herring asked with his recycled table made out of table legs.

Van der Straeten Hanging Light

I love this guy - super glamorous, he is also a jewelry designer (often evident in his lighting designs) - possible for kitchen or a less dangly one for front entrance Hervé Van der Straeten Chandelier


(Perfectly) Imperfect Stool

Wonderful wood… Imperfect Stool - Galvin Brothers UK – Accessorize your Home

Beat Light Black Fat Pendant by Tom Dixon — ECC Lighting & Furniture

This contemporary house was designed by Coblonal Arquitectura in It is located in Andorra La Vella, the capital of the Principality of Andorra. Photos courtesy of Coblonal Arquitectura

Mismatched dining room chairs                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Je veux des chaises de table dépareillées

Furniture : Mismatched Dining Chairs With Hang Ball Lamp Mismatched Dining Chairs Dining Room Design Ideas‚ Dining Room Colors‚ Unique Dining Room Tables and Furnitures