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Skate To Work - save gas! - How cool it would be if work was close enough to skate to!

roller skates

white roller skates with pink wheels that was my favorite activity 😍

let's go roller skating ~

A young woman on roller skates and her soldier honey, Pearl Pearl Liu Williams

roller skate your way through life

oystermag: “ Lindsey Wixson shot by Will Davidson for Oyster Fashion by Stevie Dance. Lindsey wears Prada sweater, Mary Katratzou skirt and vintage Riedell roller skates.

Fly -> NYC

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Pretty in Pink Roller skates - roller girl - vintage roller skates - retro roller skates

In every vintage high school movie is the roller disco the place where the magic happens. I onder if the roller disco still exists? I want to go there once! (in pink roller skates of course)