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3 Ways to Create Character Flaws By Janice Hardy, @Ianice.Hardy I. Give them fears: What are they afraid of? Fears are great flaws to play with. because you can use them as excuses foryour characters to make the wrong decision or even act out of character. - What past traumas might affect current behavior? - What are they lrrationally afraid of? > What are they seaetly afraid 0t? » What are they publicly afraid 0t? , What fears relate to the current problem? - What fears are caused by t...

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Take your football recipes to the next level with Tasty’s Guinness Beer-Battered Onion Rings! The perfect gameday recipe to serve at your next football party. Pair it with your favorite gameday drink, Guinness Draught! Don’t worry about grilling or a ton of food combinations… this Guinness recipe is perfect for a gameday tailgate or a backyard party. Skip the football mixed cocktails or gameday themed drinks, and make it easy: reach for a Guinness. Click the link for the full recipe!

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Samhain Traditions, Halloween House, Pagan Festivals, Yule, Witchcraft For Beginners, Eclectic Witch
The Modern Witch's Guide to Samhain
Witch of Lupine Hollow
Witch of Lupine Hollow
How to say, “Are you hurt?” | American Sign Language (ASL)
Able Lingo ASL | American Sign Language
Able Lingo ASL | American Sign Language
How to sign different animals in American Sign Language (ASL)
Family members in American Sign Language (ASL)
British Sign Language, Learning Languages Tips
Learning Asl, Coding Languages, Homeschool Asl, Asl Grammar
Colors in American Sign Language (ASL) part 2
Jobs/occupations in American Sign Language (ASL) - part 2
Personality traits in American Sign Language (ASL) - Part 2
Labor Day in American Sign Language (ASL)