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ارزاق: الاكثر اناقة بين بنات العائلات المالكة

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

كلام في المال (ارزاق) : شرائح مربعات الشوكولاتة!

Japanese chocolate maker Bourbon recently released—and promptly sold out of—individually wrapped slices of raw chocolate.

ارزاق: هل جزاء الاحسان الا الاحسان

Realizing firefighters were exhausted after just fighting a warehouse fire, Woodward decided to cover their bill and left a note thanking them for their service. Inspiring firefighters pay it forward. There are really good people in the world !

ارزاق: قريباً - وعلى متن "الاماراتية" - اطول رحلة جوية في العالم!

The world's longest flight will be nonstop from Dubai to Panama City, in just 17 hours and 35 minutes.

كلام في المال (ارزاق) : شرائح مربعات الشوكولاتة!

chocolate-sandwich-slices-bourbon-japan-cut out decorations

كلام في المال (ارزاق) : شرائح مربعات الشوكولاتة!

Just like normal chocolate: The chocolate slices melt just as effectively as regular chocolate does (pictured)

كلام في المال (ارزاق) : شرائح مربعات الشوكولاتة!

Doctors have been recommending chocolate in your sandwich for years, but the Japanese have finally done it! Bourbon, a Japan-based company, has started to sell

كلام في المال (ارزاق) : شرائح مربعات الشوكولاتة!

Forget cheese slices: A Japanese company has launched chocolate prepared just like popular cheese slices

كلام في المال (ارزاق) : عن خبر قرار ياهو اغلاق مكتبها في دبي

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كلام في المال (ارزاق) : كيف تنتج هذه العائلة اطناناً من الغذاء من باحة منزلها!

Watch How This Family Produces Pounds of Food In Their Small Yard