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Aquaponics System Detailed Information

Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. This concept dates back to the ancient Aztecs and Chinese cultures where both utilized a combination of the above to support their popu…

VEG Design Solutions, Part Three: How to Drain a Duck Pond Without Getting Poo on Your Hands - The Permaculture Research Institute

Dan Palmer Photo © Craig Mackintosh by Dan Palmer, Very Edible Gardens The Site-Specific Design

A Basic Guide To Seed Starting For Hydroponics -

Buying pre-grown seedlings/saplings is a good option for Hydroponic beginners. But in the long run, learning to start with your own batch of seeds is the best option. We'll know why.

Off-Grid Alternatives to Everyday Kitchen Tools - Mom with a PREP

Mom with a PREP | When the power goes out, can you still cook supper? Off-Grid Alternatives for Every Day Kitchen Tools

Hydroponic Nutrient Solution (Easy Guide) - Smart Garden Guide

Complete guide to hydroponic nutrient solutions. Easy guide to help you learn more and make and adjust a hydroponic nutrient solution.

Alternatives to fish for aquaponics

There are many alternative species that can used in aquaponics besides fish. Crayfish, ducks, turtles, shrimp and many more provide the nutrients for plants to grow in. We’re going to cover some of...

Quick Tips and Tricks in the Kiln

So when I was helping my art teacher friend set up her classroom for the school I discovered that she has never learned how to run the kiln. As a first year teacher she is rather apprehensive about…

hydroponics growing systems, from the basic to large systems see examples. We do hydroponic growing consulting from seed to finish hydroponic system consulting

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How to Make a Water Blob for Hours of Summer Fun - Fabulessly Frugal

Learn how to make a water blob in less than an hour with only $15 in supplies! This fun DIY will keep your kids entertained for hours.

4,000 Gallon Aquaponics Tank = 2,000 Tilapia

In this photo Tom has been using a Cold Frame Greenhouse system using Solexx and a standard Cold Frame. He is using aquaponics to feed his plants and this required a tank in the middle of his Greenhouse. The tank is 6X6X28 and will be able to hold 4000 gallons of water and 2000 Tilapia! He will be eating the fish and using their waste to water his plants and give them the needed nutrients. Unfortunately we've been unable to obtain anymore details or updates about this particular setup…

How to Start Your Own Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic gardening can fulfill your desire to raise a garden without actually getting your hands in the dirt.

What Is Needed For Setting Up An Aquaponic System At Home - Tools And Tricks Club

Aquaponics is becoming more and more popular with organic gardeners. And it’s to no surprise since the benefits of having an Aquaponics system in your garden are excellent. For example you would only use 2% of the water that you normally use in an organic garden. You will also being saving a lot of time …

How to Grow a Hydroponics Herb Garden?

Why don't you grow Hydroponics Herb Garden? The most exciting thing in the kitchen is to have a small fresh herbs garden in your house. Starting your own tabletop hydroponics herb garden is not as complicated as you might think. The easiest way to grow your own herb garden is to use Hydroponics. Imagine your own hydrop

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The Essential Hydroponics for Beginners Guide | Epic Gardening

A series on hydroponics for beginners - learn the science behind hydroponics and how to build your own homemade hydroponic systems!

Colorful Aquatic Plant Companions - Container Water Gardens

8 Brilliant Ideas for Pond Plant Combinations. The soothing appearance and sound of water in the backyard or on a patio is always welcoming… but it’s not a water garden until you add plants! Aquatic (or pond) plants have such an array of textures, sizes and colors that finding the ones you want is easier than […]