Spider-leg Lashes - Here we have the best macabre makeup artist, Alex Box doing an amazing vintage tribute to photographer, Man Ray!

Permanent MakeUp

Permanent MakeUp

Yellow - Orange - Turquoise Magic

Bright eye shadows has slowly paved its way into the style-conscious fashionistas wish list. They now eagerly flaunt eye catching makeup looks. Even the celebrities make no exception when it comes to orange eye makeup

Soft silver and peach

You could easily change the central color, just keep it light to compliment the silver. I'm partial to citrus or neutral options.

Dark seagreen and aubergine

Dark seagreen and aubergine

Turquoise touch

would have to see it from a diff angle but i love that color blue!

All Blue

If you know the right makeup, you'll have a beautiful blue eyes and charming. Blue eye color may look scary, it makes us recall trying to m.