Hirondelle Illustration: 100% recycled

Hirondelle Illustration: recycled rag rug - crochet around t-shirt scrap fabric?

Good oval pattern

Tutorial for a crochet sole & base for bags too. Wow, so much easier to get my head around than written patterns. It helps to be able to 'see' it.

Oval Rug | Crochet Patterns

I'm so excited by this one.this was in the latest Purple Kitty Yarns newsletter that I get, and I have been looking for it for years. Because a friend of my mother's commissioned one for me .

How to crochet a cactus

Do you like hairy cactus? Materials: ( I used ) A small pot Crochet hooks: and Worsted weight yarn: brown, green Eyelash yarn: white Fiber fill Yarn needle Pattern has moved to my new site: Maz Kwok's Designs (Thank you:)

christmas craft ideas: funny and cute crochet christmas trees | make handmade, crochet, craft

{Crochet} {Insperation} Crochet Christmas Tree - Tutorial ❥ // hf - need to get the translation because these are too cute