Perler Bead Bag. I think I still have some of these beads in the garage from when the kids were younger. (Weaving directions here -

Punge i perler

StyleDesignCreate: Pung i hamaperler --- a different use of your perler/hama beads.

StyleDesignCreate: Hama perler pung

Perlepung med neon

Um, making a clutch out of these perler beads would crack me up!

StyleDesignCreate: DIY Hama-perlepung vejledning

DIY: Hama perlepung 1:3

Hama beads purse

Ny slags perlepung

I don't think there's a tutorial, and if there is it's in Norwegian.

Tara Fra Sahara: DIY Hama-pung

Make a clutch out of Hama/Perler beads! Tutorial is in Danish and English, with…

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Perlesyning trin for trin - HendesVerden - ALT.