Coconut banana bread

Breakfast Friday

Coconut Banana Bread [gluten free//dairy free//sugar free] replace the eggs with vegan alternative

GF artisan bread in 5 | dolly and oatmeal

gluten-free artisan bread in 5 minutes a day: seeded 100% whole grain gf bread


Kærnemælkshorn – en klassiker

Recipe for delicious old-fashioned buttermilk with remonce. Baked in the traditional way with yeast, butter and marcipan. Find the recipe here.

Chocolate Buns that just make your day a little bit better

Chokoladeboller - I love these! They are a kind of plain unsweetened roll but with large chunks of dark chocolate throughout.

Homemade Fascination: Verdens nemmeste boller

Homemade Fascination: Verdens nemmeste boller