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Ah hear it is...just what I need for those hot days of summer!  head_ventilation_unit_chindogu_sillymarket

just what I need for those hot days of summer!

Duster Cat Slippers Chindogu: Robotic vacuum cleaners are all the rage at the moment. But who wants to spend all that money on a robot when you could have your cat do the cleaning for you instead--for free!

Feel like your cat is, well, lying around and not doing enough around the house? Why not strap these cat duster slippers on its paws so that your kitty can help dust your floors as it strolls about the house.

wearable_man_baby_botles_1_chindogu_sillymarket   I'm sure it's just like the real thing!

Daddy Nurser Chindogu: This one caters to all the fathers out there suffering pangs of breast envy. It lets the eager daddy strap on breast-shaped feeding bottles and nurse his little one just like mommy does. Would Kasey have worn this?

How awesome is this Pizza Fork - with built-in Pizza Cutter!

Is the title of this post over-the-top, Genius Product Inventions for a Better Life? Maybe, but we’re confident you will be scouring the Internet where to buy a few of these products after seeing these pictures.